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Time for a Break: Various Corporate Events Organised by Event Planners

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The City of Calgary in Alberta is recognized as one of Canada’s leaders in the industries of oil and gas. It’s also regarded to be at the forefront of the country’s economic expansion—forecasted by the Conference Board of Canada’s Metropolitan Outlook to lead Canada in economic growth between 2013 and 2016, as cited by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West.

Time for a Break Various Corporate Events Organised by Event Planners


As such, the city is home to a large number of companies, from SMBs to large corporations with thousands of employees. Therefore, it’s no surprise that event planners in Calgary are handling numerous company events throughout the year.


Different Kinds of Corporate Events


These events come in many different forms, each with a unique function. Some have a formal nature while others are a bit laid back. WiseGeek enumerates and describes some of the common types.


Conferences and Seminars. In general, the main function of conferences and seminars is to provide information to attendees. Specific objectives include training and education of current employees, imparting information to the public, and teaching employees from another company. Some are held locally while others may be done outside the area, usually the larger events.


Team Building. Teaching the value of and enhancing teamwork between employees is the general function of team buildings. Group exercises, lectures, and other activities are used for this purpose and the employees are expected to apply what they learned to their daily work.


Trade Shows. Typically, trade shows gather multiple companies sharing a specific industry and they present new or existing products to attendees. A third party usually holds the event with the participating companies managing their respective exhibition space or booths in the event.


Press Conferences. The main function of press conferences is to relay noteworthy happenings in the company to media outlets, who in turn relays it to the public. Some examples are a new product launch, an upcoming event, or a change in structure in the company. As one would expect, the majority of attendees in a press conference are media organizations.


Recreational Events. Some corporate events are meant to enhance the business while others are held for recreation. Company picnics, retreats, and the like are some examples. Certain events are sometimes a mix of these and the formal event types.


Corporate events, with their relatively large scale, come with unique challenges when compared to other kinds of events. Thus, many corporations delegate the planning and hosting of such events to professional event organisers such as Smart Parties.




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