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Ladies Night “A Night In Paris”

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On April 11, 2014 an Airdrie BeautiControl leader decided to say thank you to her team, by hosting a party in one of our unique themes “A Night In Paris”.  She wanted to celebrate her years of service and let them know how blessed she feels to have these ladies in her life.  This theme was chosen because BeautiControl has announced their trip to Paris in Spring 2015.

Custom parisan postcards were sent as the Save the Date to this spectacular party.  Upon arrival, the ladies walked the red carpet and were given boas while listening to french music and sipping one of the many beverages she made available.  Smart Parties created passports and boarding passes for each guest.   By them filling in their own names, the “intent” that they would keep their business momentum running high, supporting each other, believing, and having the vision of taking that trip to Paris in Spring 2015 has been sent to the universe.  Take aways were beautiful pewter Eiffel Tower bookmarks, displayed in demask bags with the saying “Discover Your Passion, Dream Big & Embrace Every Possibility”.

During the evening, she had pamper stations where the ladies could try new products and she even had a contest for the best “perfect pink pucker”.  What a great night and Smart Parties would love to help other BeautiControl leaders create a similar celebration.  Get your team jazzed up and on fire so they can join their peers in Paris, France in Spring 2015.

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