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Event Planners: Throw a Corporate Party Your Employees Won’t Ditch

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Throwing corporate parties for your hard-working employees are a good way to show appreciation for a job well done. It also helps keep balance between work and play, which is a crucial factor in keeping talented people in your company. Socializing is also proven to improve working relations in the office which can help your employees work better as a team. Now, the question that plagues many managers is “How do you put together a party that all your employees would not ditch?” Event planners in Calgary share some corporate party planning tips to help you get your workers all hyped up.

Event Planners Throw a Corporate Party Your Employees Won’t Ditch


Choose a Fun Theme


The whole event hinges on the theme you will choose. It sets the tone for the proceedings, which is why it an essential part of the planning process. It’s important that you know your own employees so you can choose something that will be fun for all and not just a few. For instance, if your workers are the more young and outgoing types, some survival adventures where they can work together to complete goals is an awesome idea. If you want a laid back get-together, food and wine tasting or a mildly competitive poker game might suit you better.


Get Out of the Office


If you really want your people to have fun, don’t just stay in the boring office. God knows they need a break and some fresh air every once in a while. Find a venue that has enough space for all of you with room left to spare for the activities you want to engage in. If you want some privacy for your team building, going to some remote destinations is ideal. It’s a bit early, but if you’re already planning for the holidays, there are plenty of venues around Calgary which you might want to reserve in advance for guaranteed accommodation. If you need help with venue selection for Christmas events, professional party planners from companies like Smart Parties Ltd. can help.


Embrace the Digital Age


Adding some techie elements to your party can make it all the more enjoyable. If you the venue has WiFi, your employees can document the event on social media through photos and videos. You can also put in GIF booths, have an LED light show troupe to come in, hire a DJ to turn the place into an off-the-hook dance party, and more.




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