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Don’t Throw a Party Without It: Essentials for Kids’ Event

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Great tips from from the publication “Special Events” magazine

As the Owner of an Event Planning company, Smart Parties Ltd., in Calgary, Alberta, I am always on the look out for articles that compliment what I am organizing with my clients. Here is a list of event essentials for children’s events today:

It’s my brand: Kids and teens love to brand themselves. Monograms and event logos are “everywhere” these days, “and with companies like Etsy, everything is available via custom order.”

Just shoot me: Not only are photo booths a must, but they should offer social media interactivity, so guests can post pix ASAP. And even before the event, “Teens like to have photo-shoots prior to their event and then splash their pictures on invitations, event art and decor, and Facebook and Instagram.” And of course, establish a hashtag for the event to make sure the brand is easy to follow.

Cakes in crazy shapes: “Thanks to the Food Network, everyone wants a funky, elaborate cake. No better way to punctuate your theme than with an over-the-top cake!”

Worthwhile favors: “Favors are either very material or gift-card focused. The days of a small DIY bag of random junk are gone.”

Generation Z saves the world: “The teen generation—17 and younger—is inquisitive and globally aware. They are interested in solving problems, “So make sure to add elements to their events “to do just that.”

My cell, my cell! Kids just cannot deal without mobile phone service at their events, Hassel says. “We are surprised at how unnerved the teens get when their cell phones don’t work at venue,” she notes. “This is for the most part an area we don’t have control over but it is a curious phenomenon we’ve noticed.”

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