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Army/Special Forces

About This Project

Army/Special Forces

“Company MARCH!!! Left, Left, Left, Right, Left… Company HALTTT!!”

Report to the Enlistment Office for basic training. Each Private will be drafted to Base Camp where they will run basic training drills testing accuracy, survival, agility, endurance, strength and balance skills. Upon completion, each Private will receive a certificate.

For the younger Privates, the Drill Sergeant will instruct them to a physical warm-up of jumping jacks and crawling exercises, followed by water brigade, finding enemy soldiers and pin the medal on the solider. Upon completion, each Private will receive a certificate.

Watch out for grenades and the enemy hiding in the camouflage. Explosive dynamite, deadly bullets, army rations, canteen cocktails and cannon balls can be consumed in the Mess Hall.



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20 November