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Event Planning: Food and Dining Ideas for the Perfect Bridal Shower

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If you’re throwing the party for your best friend, the bride-to-be, you can’t afford to forget the essential elements of a bridal shower: the date, venue, guests, and fun activities. Of course, no bridal shower is ever complete without mouth-watering meals. Here are some great food and dining ideas from event planning professionals in Calgary to help you put together an unforgettable event you’ll still be chatting about years later.

Event Planning Food and Dining Ideas for the Perfect Bridal Shower

Keep it Light


Trying to watch your figure so you can fit in nicely in your dress? The bridal shower doesn’t have to be a pig-out event. You can keep it light and healthy for everybody invited. Finger foods and appetizers are great for this purpose. Have a Caesar salad or some delicious soups to start and follow up with some finger sandwiches, personal pizzas fresh from the grill, or a sample platter of the bride’s favorite healthy snacks. For dessert, you can serve up thin slices of cakes, fruit tarts, and other sweet treats the bride would love. Just keep it easy on the desserts so you don’t get post-shower guilt.


Drink the Night Away


Don’t forget the booze. Stick to cold alcoholic beverages to cool you down. Have cocktails, sparkling punch, flavored iced tea, and the bubbly all at hand to toast the bride. You can also have an open beverage bar so the guests can choose whatever they want to drink.


Take it Outside


It’s awfully nice with summer in the air. Why not take advantage of the situation? Plan an outdoor bridal shower where you and the girls can laze around under the sun. It’s also a great way to have more space for even more guests that you could not accommodate otherwise if you were hosting the party inside. Come nightfall, you can light up lanterns, go swimming, and pretend like you’re in a sleepover just like old times.


Get Your Posh On


Nothing says elegant like an afternoon tea party. If you and the ladies are feeling especially posh, a bridal tea party will suit your fancy. China tea sets, silver teaspoons, embroidered cloth napkins, decorative flowers, tiered cakes, scones, and other pastries make for a very luxurious and classy occasion. Of course, this is just a taste; more fun can come later on when the sun sets.

Need help pulling off the best bridal shower ever? Event planning companies in Calgary like Smart Parties Ltd. can help plan and make your vision for your event a reality.




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