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Considerations for a Bridal Shower and How Event Planners Can Help

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Your best friend is about to get married and as expected, you’ll be her maid of honour. Now, you’ll have to think about and take charge of many things and one of the most important pre-wedding events that you need to organise is the bridal shower. Yes, it’s not always the maid of honour who will host the party, but you’ll be expected to at least lead its planning. What should be your primary considerations? How can event planners help you? Let this article be your guide.

Considerations for a Bridal Shower and How Event Planners Can Help

Who to Invite


Some think that every female invited to the wedding should also be invited to the bridal shower, but that’s not necessarily true except for an intimate wedding. In general, the guest list for the bridal shower should mainly include the closest female friends and relatives of the bride. You may also include those of the groom, particularly when his mother or sisters are hosting or helping out.


What about those who are close to the bride but likely can’t attend? Should you still invite them? Yes, it’s a good idea to send them an invitation. It lets them know that they are important to the couple and their presence was desired in the shower, as pointed out by The Knot. Keep in mind that everyone invited to the shower should also be invited to the wedding.


The Bride’s Input is Important


The bride is the guest of honour in the shower, so you must consider her preferences in everything—styles and themes, location, time, date, and the like. You will be taking care of the details and decisions, but the bride’s schedule, likes, and interests must guide them.


Talk to the bride about these. If you plan the shower to be a surprise for the bride, you must find ways to get her input discreetly. You can ask help from other people involved in the planning. In addition, an article from BHG.com states that you can also enlist their help for getting the bride to the shower at the appropriate time.


Hiring an Event Planner


In Calgary, special events planners such as Smart Parties Ltd. handle bridal shower planning. You can take the opportunity to hire experienced party planning professionals to ensure a fun and memorable party. It could be that your only part is telling them the details of the party, including the menu, themes, music, cocktails, and even the invitation design. After that, you can move on to your other maid of honour duties.





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